The Three Piggy Opera is the whimsical story of what happened AFTER the wolf blew down the Pigs' houses.  The Pigs are angry, living with their mom and up to their chinny-chin-chins in insurance claims.  So they do what any wronged law-abiding person (or pig) would do -they hire the best lawyer they can find and take the wolf to court.  They think they have the case in the bag, afterall, everybody knows about the Big Bad Wolf.  Everybody knows Wolves eat Pigs. The Wolf is given a public defender,  the paparazzi is having a field day, and the jury is ready to convict and get back to their lives (And it doesn't hurt that the Judge is the Pigs cousin either)  But as the court case progresses we see the wolf for who she really is, not big and bad at all, but an out-cast vegetarian with severe allergies due to the Santa Ana winds.  The Pig's straw house set off her allergies, and with one good sneeze, down went the house.  Will the Wolf be able to convince the Court she is innocent?  What will the ruling be?  Listen in and find out!

Nominated for two Independent Music Awards for Best Children’s Music, Virginia founded ONCE UPON AN OPERA 2008 with the mission to ignite a passion for classical music in kids of all ages.  A long-time resident of Los Angeles, Virginia is originally from Adrian, Michigan and attended Interlochen Arts Academy, the University of Michigan School of Music and the University of Southern California where she earned her Masters in Music Education.  Her stories are creative and fun for kids, but with sophisticated humor that will keep adults entertained as well.

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Three Piggy Opera CD Credits

Created by Virginia Stewart Recorded by Raul Ferrando Produced by Virginia Stewart, Mavis Cordero Executive Producers Dr. Landis and Carol Stewart Narrator: Peter Stewart Prologue: Alex Britton Pigs: Joseph Alexander Hearn and James Andrew Hearn Wolf: Zoe Stewart Pig’s Lawyer: Reese Stewart Wolf’s Lawyer: Tiana Knights Judge: Serena Knights Additional Vocals: Virginia Stewart, Danika Stewart Three Little Maids: Kristin Towers Rowles, Virginia Stewart, Allison Coop Flower Duet: Virginia Stewart, Danielle Bond Piano performances by Virginia Stewart All orchestrations digitally created by Raul Ferrando and Virginia Stewart Special Thanks to Juliana Gondek